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Pricing Programs & Guarantees

The placement process involves a significant investment of time and money. Outsourcing recruitment is a great way to improve a company’s core strengths, optimize time, increase staff productivity, and on top of that, save a lot of time and money.

Our professional recruiters are tenacious, highly selective and determined to find the best available talent for our clients in today’s marketplace. We dedicate a significant amount of time to sourcing, interviewing, assessing and recruiting suitable candidates.
SummaryRetained / Executive SearchEngaged / Exclusive SearchContingency SearchContract Staffing
RelationshipPartnership with client. High Commitment.Increased Commitment.No commitment on either side.Agency becomes the employer of record.
Ideal UsesSenior Roles
Salary: $150-300K
Mid-Level Positions
Salary: $80K-250K
Entry- to mid-level position Salary: Up to $75KUtilize contract workers
Relationship / Agency ExclusivityExclusive searchExclusive searchExclusive or non-exclusiveExclusive or non-exclusive
Cost StructurePaid on Retainer (3 installments)Partial upfront payment, remainder upon placementCompensation contingent on placementHourly Bill Rates (to be negotiated)
Industry Overall Fill Rates90-95%70-80%10-25%N/A
(average industry pricing)
33-50% of total compensation25-40% of total compensation20-30% of total compensationHourly Bill Rates / Conversion Fee varies
GuaranteeExtended guarantee, depending upon the negotiated fee.90-day pro-rated guarantee30-day full guaranteeNo guarantee
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Keep in mind the costs and consequences associated with hiring the wrong person. Recruitment mistakes happen frequently. The cost of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding a new employee can be as much as $240,000. Bad hires impact productivity, team morale and cohesion, relationship with clients and partners, brand image, company culture, etc. Make sure you work with the right agency in the first place!

The Cost of a Bad Hire
Here’s What The Numbers Say!

The cost of a bad hire can
reach up to


of the employee’s
first-year earnings.

– US Department of Labor

Bad hires can cost up to


in expenses related to
hiring, compensation and

– US HR Exchange network


of companies who admit they’ve hired the wrong person for a position lost an average of $14,900 for each bad hire.

–  CareerBuilder

Placement fees are paid by the employer. Our fee is based on the total annual compensation and the percentage depends on the type of search. The fee is payable if the candidate is hired directly or indirectly by the employer or any of its affiliates as a result of our services on either a direct hire, temp-to-hire, temporary or consulting basis within two years after the last day of an assignment or from the date of referral, presentation or interview, whichever is last.