Cost-Savings Direct Hire Service

Why spend time and money advertising, weeding through piles of resumes and interviewing unqualified applicants? Our Direct Hire service will save you the time and money all of that takes. We screen, interview and recommend only the best candidates who match your opening. You just decide which candidate you prefer!  No costs are involved until you decide to hire and our candidate accepts your offer.

A new hire is a big investment. The wrong choice in selecting a new hire can harm your business tremendously. Our professional staff ensures a good match by screening all of our candidates as well as, if requested, checking references with 2-3 past employers.

We work on a contract-contingency basis.  You are under no obligation to hire any of the professionals we present to you.  A fee only becomes due once our candidate accepts your job offer and starts working for you.

Hiring a candidate gives you the chance to evaluate their performance on the job. If it turns out that our candidate is not working out for you, we will replace the employee for you at no charge or at a substantial discount, depending on how long our candidate was employed by you. We can even keep them on our payroll while you are making your decision!

Our fees are very competitive. Many companies find that recruiting through us is less expensive than finding the right candidate the traditional way. Some of the costs you would be facing when not using our services, such as advertising, can be eliminated, while other costs occurring in the recruiting process will be substantially reduced. We help you to reduce the cost of acquiring productive employees and ensures you that the investment you make pays off.

Our highly qualified professionals are committed to staying with their next employer for years. Employees acquired through ads typically stay with their employer for less than one year and, chances are, the best person for your position is not reading your ad. Our candidates have delegated the job search to us, while putting their energy into building profit for their current employer.

You can go about your real job, because all you need to do is take the short time required to decide which of our qualified candidates you prefer. Leave the rest up to the experts!

It’s often difficult to find someone willing to leave a current position to move to the uncertainty of a Contract-to-Hire position. Don’t limit your pool of potential applicants to those people who are currently out of work.

You may find a quality individual willing to work Contract-to-Hire, however, chances are very good that they will continue looking for a permanent position while working for you. That means that there is no assurance that you will be able to hire that person if you want to. Lock that quality person into a full-time position up front and take advantage of our Direct Hire guarantees.