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Fee Policies

Outsourcing recruiting needs is a great way to improve a company’s core strengths, optimize time, increase staff productivity, and on top of that, save a lot of time and money.

The placement process involves a significant investment of time and money. Make sure you work with the right agency!

Placement fees are paid by the employer. Candidate interviews are free of charge. A fee becomes due after a candidate accepts our client’s job offer. There is no fee obligation unless the candidate actually begins employment.


  • The assigned candidate is an employee of a.e.s./dba IT Nationwide. We cover federal, state and withholding taxes, unemployment, social security, state disability, worker’s compensation insurance and all other payroll charges. Our clients are then invoiced for our employment services.

Contract-to-Hire or Direct Hire

  • Placement fees are paid by the employer. Our fee is based on the annual compensation and charged only after our candidate accepts a client’s job offer. The fee is payable if the candidate is hired directly or indirectly by the employer or any of its affiliates as a result of our services on either a direct hire, temp-to-hire, temporary or consulting basis within two years after the last day of an assignment or from the date of referral/interview, whichever is last.

Our Guarantee Policy

  • We guarantee placement for direct hires. We credit 100% of the fee within the guarantee period if you are not satisfied with our candidate.

Annual Salary & Bill Rates During Contractual Period

  • Salary and rates vary depending on the job description and other criteria. Contact us to discuss your specific need. Feel free to let us know what your budget can handle, and we will do our best to find a qualified candidate for you.